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Rokion Successfully Reaches 1.2 Million Manhours

January 6th, 2022.

Prairie Machine/Rokion employees celebrated achieving their goal of exceeding 1 million hours worked without any lost-time injuries, a job-related injury that results in time away from work. As a company that maintains a goal of zero harm during the manufacturing, installation, and operation of their products and this is the second time in our history that this safety milestone has been achieved.

The event was commemorated late in the year by providing every employee with a rugged cooler sporting company logos and a declaration of the achievement itself. With a constantly evolving safety culture has been cultivated for years, safety is a top priority for all Prairie Machine/Rokion employees.

Achieving success in safety can be broken down into simple steps,” said the company's Health and Safety Manager, Travis Wagar. “The first step is to create, build and enhance a culture of workers who do not accept unaddressed risk, who are not afraid to raise issues when they arise and are happy to be involved in contributing to the continuous improvement of the overall safety program.

Every Prairie Machine/Rokion employee has a responsibility for his or her own safety and for the safety of those around them. The development and maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace is something that all employees do not compromise on. Positive safety culture can only be achieved when employees understand that their personal safety is as much of a priority to the CEO as it is to themselves.

"Secondary to culture is ability,” continued Wagar. “The ability to complete a task safely. A company must ensure employees are provided with the tools, equipment & training to make certain they are able to safely perform tasks to completion. Lastly, careful analysis of key statistics in all areas of safety ensures that any unrecognized issues and trends are detected before they can cause a problem, allowing management to make informed decisions on solutions."

Both management and employees work together and strive to identify and eliminate any conditions or practices which risk the health and safety of employees, customers, suppliers, and any others who may meet with the company and its products.

"When culture is on point and there is adequate process, tools, equipment, statistical analysis and training available, the statistics will improve on their own” added Wagar. “At the time of writing, Prairie Machine safety hours sit just North of 1.3 million. We are currently working towards the goal of achieving 2 million hours worked without losing time from a workplace injury."

Prairie Machine is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of heavy-duty equipment and technical solutions for the heavy industrial and mining industries. Under the Rokion brand, Prairie Machine supplies industrial-strength, zero emission battery powered crew and utility trucks for use in surface and underground mining operations.