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About Us


Rokion, a division of Prairie Machine, is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of battery operated electric vehicles and technical solutions for heavy industrial and mining industries. Our mechanical and electrical divisions provide complete service, training and support for machines worldwide.


We are committed to supplying our customers a product that will exceed their expectations and provide value, while maintaining a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees.


We strive to earn our customer’s respect as a reliable, valued partner by providing total customer satisfaction. We will achieve this through supplying innovative, high quality products and services and by developing strong customer relationships built on accountability and transparency. We will deliver exceptional operating performance to all of our business partners and stakeholders by relentlessly improving our products and business processes. We will recruit, retain and develop empowered employees and provide them with a safe and positive working environment.

Health & Safety

We are committed to our goal of zero harm, as related to the safe manufacture, installation and operation of our products. The creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace is a responsibility which Prairie Machine will not compromise.

Every employee has a shared responsibility for his or her own safety. This requires thorough safety awareness and respect for the work environment. Together we have to identify and strive to eliminate any conditions or practices which place at risk the health and safety of employees, customers, suppliers and others in contact with our company.


Rokion is committed to the highest quality standards, which was shown when we became the first company in Saskatchewan to successfully implement the ISO9001 Quality Management System. Quality is much more than providing a product that functions properly. True quality is a way of thinking, a way of doing business and, ultimately, a way of satisfying our customers’ long-term needs.

For more information regarding our Quality or Health and Safety Policy please contact us directly.